Tips For Clearing A Popcorn Ceiling

Tips For Clearing A Popcorn Ceiling

It’s been that way for far too long, and you know that it’s finally time to change how the ceiling looks. You may not have put much thought into it previously by having a popcorn ceiling breaks the harmony of interior décor especially if you have a modern theme. So, that nagging feeling you’ve had is probably the result of the popcorn ceiling – the interior design rage back in the 60s and 70s. Here is how you can remove it:

  • Scrape Test

Even though you have a crazy schedule being a leading personal injury lawyer St. Catharines, you can take the weekends off to try off some DIYs. Alternatively, you can hire a professional. However regardless of who does the job, don’t start preparations for removing the popcorn on the ceiling before you try scraping off a small part of the ceiling.

You may have to wet the test area first to determine if the popcorn will come off fast though you can also scrape it off when dry. Wetting won’t work if there is paint on the ceiling surface.

  • Asbestos Test

You may already know that most ceilings installed any time before the 80s has asbestos which causes lung cancer hence the need for the test. So, before you get started, get in contact with your local department of health and ask for a test of a sample taken from the scrape test. If the results are positive, you’ll have to hire professional popcorn ceiling abatement contractor, or you could cover the popcorn with drywall.

  • Get Ready for the Mess

If your ceiling is safe and free of asbestos, then you should proceed with your plans. You will have to cover the floors and walls using plastic drop cloths. Canvas isn’t the best option because water can soak through them. Also, being plastic, cleanup will be easier. Make sure you keep the plastic cloth in place to catch all the mess when you repair and sand the ceiling.

  • Remove furniture

If you can, remove all the furniture from the room you’ll work on. It gets messy, so, you should protect your furniture. If you can’t remove furniture, cluster them then cover with a strong drop cloth.

  • Dismantle ceiling fixtures

You’ll need to dismantle the light fixtures and the fans on the ceiling to prevent them from getting in the way or getting sprayed with water accidentally.

  • Protect shocks

You will need to stuff recessed can lights with paper to keep them dry. To enhance your safety, switch off power to these points.

You should cover the electrical boxes as well after shutting off power to the electrical junction boxes on your ceiling. Overlap the sides of the box with tape.

  • Wet the ceiling

To reduce dust, and to make scraping easy, you’ll need to wet the popcorn ceiling – use a pump sprayer for that. Use little water since a lot of water will damage the drywall or even loosen the tape. It should take you about 15 minutes to get the ceiling wet though you may spray more water is the popcorns are still hard after the first water spray.

For painted ceilings; you need to dry scrape it first.

  • Work on small sections

For the best results, work on one small section at a time. This also means wetting small sections as you scrape the popcorns to prevent drying.

  • Control the mess

A mud pan can help you collect the mess from the wet popcorn ceiling before it falls on the ground. This will make cleaning easy when you are done.

To prevent gouging of the ceiling, you should round-off the corners of the scraper using a file or a sander.

  • Prepare for painting

You’ll have to clean the ceiling and prepare it for painting after you get all the popcorn out.

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