8 Tips for Choosing The Best Paint Color For Your Home

8 Tips for Choosing The Best Paint Color For Your Home

Ever looked at a house and wondered why the owner chose those colors? While the color chosen for wall paints depends on your personal preferences, there are a few tricks that ensure your home looks classy, calm, happy and welcoming. So, if you hate the color on your walls or you can’t pick the right color for your walls, here is your guide:

  1. Start from Your Favorites

Which colors do you love? If you hate green, then you shouldn’t go about painting your home green. By starting with your favorite color, you can come up with an excellent decorating style since you can use your favorite color as the base color. Filling in a contest entry form template is harder than picking your best color, isn’t it?

  1. Look for inspiration in magazines

Knowing your favorite color isn’t everything when choosing the color of paint and theme of your home. In most cases, catalogs and magazines present the perfect inspiration for color combinations. You may find the best theme from a retailer’s vignette. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration when looking for you the best color palettes.

  1. Stick to neutrals

Where do you want to direct attention to? If you want everyone to see the walls immediately they walk in; you should use bold paint on the wall. Keep in mind that everything else should remain neutral if all your walls are bold.

  1. Use a color wheel

This is an inexpensive tool which can help you come up with many ideas on your home décor.  One turn of the wheel and you have all the potential colors that can match or relate to each other. You can choose the colors at home or in the paint store.

  1. Pull a color from a print

This is one of the easiest ways to choose paint. Start with the print on throw pillows, table linen or bedding for paint ideas. Is creating an accent wall, you should opt for the brightest color on the print. For a subtle color, pick the color that makes up the smallest detail on the print.

  1. Use artwork for inspiration

That artwork on your wall could be all you need to find the suitable color of paint for your wall. If you have a favorite art piece, use it as your source of inspiration.

  1. Choose undertones carefully

You can use undertones when deciding the color of paint for your home. However, not all undertones work well. Some undertones, the colors that lurk underneath your favorite color may not work on your wall while others work.

  1. Bring in the outdoors inside

Your garden or the trees down the street could be your biggest source of inspiration. For example, you can use foliage green or the blues from the beach as long as they are relaxing and restful. The color chosen should remain your favorite during the day and at night.

Final Thoughts

Before buying paint, you should sample it to make sure it is the right hue, also, ensure that there is a color flow and if you can’t make up your mind, get a consult with color experts.

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