Five Big Home Renovation Changes that will make your Home Valuable


Remodeling will definitely add value to your home and make it a better place to live. Though the home’s value depends mostly on the current market, some necessary improvements will increase the positive remarks in support of your home. People who judge a home mainly observe its basic structure, floor plan and overall condition. Then they compare your home to others in your neighborhood that has been recently sold. If your home is equipped with modern facilities, it will increase appraisal of your house. Customers make comparisons and then propose a value based on the home’s size, age, and condition.

Appraisers generally put more importance in size, function, and condition than in style. A faucet of $100 is preferable than the one that costs $1000. The expensive faucet is certainly more attractive and lasts longer, but people give no extra attention to this fact. To increase the actual value of your home, you should make some effective renovation works. Below is the list of some home improvements that worth investing money on-

  1. Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the center of a house. So, renovating the kitchen in the proper way is one of the major types of home renovation. It will add a substantial amount to your home if you want to sell it. It can be done due to reasons such as- increasing usable space, adding new appliances and cabinetry or rearranging the equipment in an effective way etc. They can also be done in concert with other renovations.

  1. Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovation is not as popular as a kitchen renovation. But, if the appliances are old enough to replace with modern ones, you should start the renovation work. Call a plumber to fix problems in the pipeline or other water supply lines and to install new appliances. Bathroom renovation increases the luxury of a home. Choose the type of renovation that will save water and reduce electricity consumption.

  1. Basement Renovations

Basement renovation is a bit costly, but it is one of the largest spaces in a home that is ignored most of the time. It is one of the famous renovation works in North York. Basement can be used as a full bedroom suites, game room or movie room, in-laws suites etc. depending on your necessity. It needs a lot of designs and work plans to execute the renovation properly.

  1. Additions

If the existing rooms are not enough for your family members, you can add a new one by using the unused spaces in your home. Some people want to add a spacious office, family gaming room or TV room in their house. In that case, they need to make other rooms as small as possible. So, think of your purpose before the addition of a new room because it will entirely change the home’s internal construction.

  1. Adding a New Bathroom

Homes that have fewer bathrooms opt for adding a new one. Thus, this is a very popular field of renovation. Adding a new bathroom will provide a private bathroom for the children and can be used as a guest bathroom. It is a major side of renovation work as it demands plumbing considerations.

  1. Create a Curb Appeal

If customers are not impressed by the view of your home from outside, it will be hard to sell no matter how great it is. You can create curb appeal or exterior designs to add value to your home. The thing that becomes the memory of a buyer can be the one that sticks and it can take your home to his favorite list! A beautiful flower garden or a lawn can enhance the outer beauty of any place. Growing plants over the main door, in front of the home, creates a pleasing environment. You can also paint the entrance door with beautiful designs using bold colors. It will create a positive impression on the buyer’s mind. But try to avoid exaggeration because there is always a limit for everything.

These are some best and most preferred home renovation types that can be done with the help of experienced contractors and managers. A contractor will not only work for you, he will also give you some helpful advice to run the project more effectively. So, finding out a good contractor is very important because he will be with you throughout the whole process.

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