Different Types of Home Renovation That You Must Know

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Before starting the home renovation project, people think from different aspects. Some questions spin in their head such as- what specific area should be renovated, what is the single home renovation that he would enjoy most, the cost that he can afford, things that would add the greatest long-term value to his property etc.

All these questions are equally important. Home renovation is a big task that cost a lot of money and time. Lack of proper planning, false start or changes in the middle of the project can be very costly. So, think of everything clearly, carefully decide what you actually want and stick to your plan.


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The most effective plan consists of a number of variables. The important variables are- your budget, current status of different areas of your home, the number of family members and the key requirements to make your home a better living place. Though you have the right to renovate any part of your home, observations found some specific renovations that most of the Americans find useful and valuable. Here is the list:

  1. The Bathroom: Among all the renovation areas, it is the clear winner. Studies show that over three-quarters of all renovations in the US have been made on bathrooms. It is very obvious! Though people do not spend a lot of time there, they always want a fresh and stain-free bathroom. It adds a substantial amount of value to the home.
  2. The Kitchen: Kitchen is considered as the center of a home. So, renovating the kitchen is a popular choice. A nicely designed and clean kitchen defines the owner’s personality. Moreover, such a kitchen gives you pleasure while cooking. Eat-in kitchens and kitchen islands are popular these days.
  3. New Siding: Nice architectural view of the exterior has always been a matter of great concern. It increases a value of your home. New sliding is a popular choice nowadays, even for them who do not have any plan to sell their home.
  4. Doors and Windows: You may wonder how the doors and windows of your home can change the overall view! Additionally, the differently designed doors, especially the entry door enhances are considered as aesthetic property. They can also increase heating and cooling efficiency.
  5. Decks and Patios: Decks and Patios are not that costly, but they can add a great deal of functions to your home.
  6. An Attic Bedroom: The garret of your home may be totally unused. But it can be used to make a bedroom! Sometimes, it creates a bright and livable space which was not there before.
  7. A Refinished Basement: The basement of your home should not be unheeded. It can be of a great use if you can utilize the space properly. It is a costly project, but you will be able to regain most of the money in terms of market value.

Which Renovation is Right for You?


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This is the list of some most preferred and successful home renovations. But the number of possible home renovation projects is endless and it totally depends on your requirements and choices.

You can spend money according to your capability and can choose any kind of renovation for your home, but an efficient planning is the most important of all. Before running the project, consult someone who has experience in this field. He will advise you on how to proceed and many other cost-effective ideas.

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