Contractor Tips: Useful Home Remodeling Don’ts


If you are working as a general contractor of home remodeling or hiring one for that purpose, the first thing you have to do is getting a glimpse into the mind of a contractor. It will help you think in a unique way for your remodeling project. Knowledge on what you should do and what not is equally important in home renovation. Sometimes, a homeowner can suffer a lot for his own instinct in this case.



You should have a clear idea on whether you are following the right direction or causing harm to your own home. Read the following points to see if you are going well with the home remodeling project.

Don’t make late decisions.

To run the project swiftly, you have to make every single decision before work commences. An experienced builder can help you to get the idea on situations that might come up on your job. The only thing you have to do is taking the most effective decision for that specific situation by avoiding any kind of delays.

Most of the decisions are related to things such as- paint, trim or good faucet selection. If the faucet is two weeks late, the plumbers will have to reschedule their work to fix it. The medicine cabinet door may hit the faucet when it is installed. Ultimately, this small thing will cause a delay of the whole week or more in finishing the project.

Don’t change your mind too often

Changing plans or thoughts in a big project like home renovation is quite inevitable. But too many changes will result in a messed-up finishing. You may think the changes are minor, but eventually you have to pay a substantial amount of money and time to make that happen. Even the discussion on changes needs your valuable time.

The whole plan needs to be rescheduled. You have to spend more time on informing workers about the changes so that no one works on the old plan. Changes are normal but be careful of its limit to avoid delay.

Don’t buy materials on your own

Remodeling project needs several necessary products and materials. A builder will mark up the cost of those materials and inform you of the overall cost. He may get a better price than you which may reduce your expenditure.

Don’t put lipstick on a pig

Though builders hardly say this, some houses are totally loss project to invest money on. Those houses should be knocked down instead of wasting money to fix them up. You may want to invest on fancy cabinets for your house or want to build a high-efficiency furnace in the house without insulation. But before taking a big step, consult with experienced ones and be open to their suggestions.

Don’t work without precautionary money

The cost you presumed or budgeted may not be enough to finish the renovation project properly. It is nearly impossible to set a realistic budget for such a big project. But you should not stretch the budget thinking of the contingency. If you have a good contractor and right decisions, you can probably get away with a 5% contingency.

Don’t be an interruption

Spending time on the project is unavoidable. But, the time a worker is investing on it is his total wastage because he will not be paid for that. It may sound bad, but this is the reality. Sometimes it bothers him and it causes a bad impact on the job. So, you better plan everything before the work starts to avoid any kind of distraction.

Don’t ignore the house needs

There are no rules for how you dress up, but it should look good on you! There is nothing exceptional in the case of a house. You can decorate your house with any design you want. But it is recommended to think before you plan. For example, an ultra-modern kitchen is quite awesome but it might not suit in a Victorian brownstone. It does not mean that your house is unable to cope up with the modern architectural designs. Just get to know your house, do some research, and live in it before pulling out the sledgehammer.

Don’t go ahead without a design

No matter how experienced you are, do not step up without a design. Some projects need interior or exterior designers and sometimes a talented builder who can suggest you beautiful designs that have true aesthetic value.

Before start working, make sure that you have a detailed floor plan of your house. Remodeling is a big project that needs a lot of materials. Consider everything on paper to see what is missing there. A homeowner might build a good plan by himself, but he should hire a professional designer to make it effective and beautiful.

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