Best Home Renovations Trends in 2015


The trend always leads to something new and stylish. It does not fade away quickly and expresses your personality. The Neil Kelly Company is an award-winning design-build remodeling firm. Recently their 25 design consultants studied on the new home trends in 2015. They talked about those design trends, not fads. They give less important to those tempting cute, funky little gadgets that have temporary popularity. Neil Kelly prefers to stick to the 2015 design trends that will last through the whole year and will also be appealing after 2015!

Remodeling for Accessibility

It is very monotonous to live within the same walls for years after years. As people grow old, their physical and mental ability change. It has become a common phenomenon which is leading the homeowners to think about remodeling their home. Remodeling for accessibility means to make choices like eliminating tripping hazards (e.g. Transitions between rooms) and stairs. It gives a good amount of free space for easy movement. So, it increases mobility.

Style Mash-Up

The remodeling trend named make-it-your-own remodeling gives you the freedom to mix styles in the way you like! Depending on your personality, it may be a mix-and-match approach. A mixture of elements of opposing decades and contemporary white walls, floors, a platform bed, light wood accents and textural fabrics make a different combination altogether.


Once the metal was used as an accent especially in bathroom and kitchen but now it has become a very popular element of trendy designs. Recently, homeowners are mixing different types of woods and blends of metal together to provide an exceptional and nice texture to their home. Using different colored metals they decorate the walls and floors in a trend-forward way.

Color is Important

Bright and colorful patterns provide a design punch which is a welcome remodeling trend now. The colors and hues put life in your room and makes it playful. It is less about strict color and pattern matching and more about the visual feel of the room. You can put the same image on a wall mural of the room. It will offer an abstract and art-like composition of the playful elephant art, dramatic rug or interesting stripped pillow.

Objective Showers and Tubs

Combo bath and shower setup were popular even a few years ago. But the modern trend prefers separate bathtub and showering spaces in the bathroom. The stand-alone showers often include multiple sprays, jets, and tubs. The decked-in versions can be replaced with freestanding options (with various styles). It takes less space but make a sculptural statement in a room.

Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Materials, and Supplies

Undoubtedly, the internet is a blessing to us. It provides an ultimate solution to almost any problem. Nowadays, homeowners are getting excellent ideas and unexpected power from the internet that influence remodeling trends. Now they are able to get information about eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials and supplies. So, finding out the best thing has become easier. Homeowners can also know about the sourcing, operational methods of the trendy designs. Information such as- making of bamboo floors, their transportation by truck and whether the bamboo came from a plant with low-impact waste cycle or not can be known easily.

Wood Is Everywhere

Wood is used for traditional and contemporary designs for many years. But it was only used on one surface, mostly on the floor a few years ago. Now homeowners use wood in different forms and styles according to their interest. Wood can be used on the wall and as stylish furniture. The main objective of a trend is to make a great combination of grains and colors of everything in a particular place so that it adds visual interest.

Attic Getaways

Without wasting the attic space, it can be used as a place for the guest bedroom or even family getaways. It has become a popular remodeling trend these days. It is similar to the basement remodels. The main focus remains on design tricks, aesthetic attributes rather than on what is missing e.g. ceiling height. While remodeling, importance should be given on comfort, the brightness of that place and convenience. It may be a costly project but will definitely add value to your home.

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