How to Hire a Plumber for Home Renovation Projects?


The word ‘plumber’ surely evokes the vision of midnight toilet overflows. But, it is wise not to think so because they may be your good friend sometimes!
You can install your own toilet properly, but the difficult projects are not supposed to be within your capability. A plumber will help you in that case. He can fix bigger problems and projects like carving out a lustrous and new bathroom! He can also assist you to add shower on your kid’s floor or running lines in your new kitchen.

Useful Tips for Hiring a Plumber for Home Renovation Project

  1. Figure out the Best Candidates

While running a project like remodelling or newly constructed kitchen or bathroom, you should take suggestions from experienced people. Talking to your neighbours who have recently finished the construction work will be a good idea. Do not get confused with the main objective of a plumber. Repairing your washroom is not their main task, rather they are hired for remodelling or construction works. The quickie-plumber trucks in your town are specialized in emergency repairs. A plumber generally comes on an assigned date and starts working according to the contract. They following a pre-determined estimate and thus assist you to finish the renovation work properly.

  1. Check State Licensing

Before hiring a plumber, it’s your duty to know him well. Go to the state’s licensing website and see if your plumber has a valid license. Also, check whether he or she has any pending or resolved complaints. Though some of the states do not have the licensing option for the plumbers, it’s a good place to start your search. However, a licensed plumber may not be a good plumber. Being a licensed plumber only means that they have met the minimum requirements to remain licensed. The efficiency and word-of-mouth reveal the plumber’s real value.

  1. Make a Perfect Plumbing Plan

Make a clear blueprint of your plumbing plan before hiring a plumber. The plan does not need to include delicate information such as type and size of pipe and fittings etc. The plumber will do it himself. But you need to have a rough idea of the finished outcome. If the plumber works for himself, talking to you is a loss of time for him as it cuts into his revenues. On the other hand, if he works for a company he will have to account for the time spent for doing the task other than billing for work. They will surely give you good advice but do not expect them to sit down with you and draw out plans!

  1. Make Calls

Before hiring, call and ask for the manager. Do not expect quick action. They preferably deal with contractors and avoid getting calls directly from homeowners. By telling that you like some of their expertise, you may convince them.

  1. Get a Permit of the Project

The plumber may not obtain the permit for you. In that case, applying for it will be wise.

  1. Buy the Necessary Fixtures

You should buy things such as fixtures, toilets, sinks, and other similar things on your own. It will save time and you will be able to choose good quality products.

  1. Help out the Plumbers

Hiring a plumber is definitely expensive. So, do not waste valuable time opening up walls, clearing crawlspaces, lighting dark basements etc. Rather, it will be great if you do these for them. Helping them will not be a waste of energy; after all it is your home!

  1. Always Stay on Job Site during Work

Do not get out of the job site during major works. Even if you do, be within the calling distance to receive questions from the plumber. Questioning is a great sign which indicates that the plumber has understood his responsibilities. So, always encourage questions. To get a better output, a clear understanding is a must. It will ensure quality work from the plumber.

To finish off, I would say these tips will for sure help you to hire the best plumber on board. And, ultimately, your home renovation project will be a success!

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